2022 Artist and Performers Grant for BRC: Waking Dreams

We have participated with artists in the past as detailed below through our own special events that were able to help raise contributions to art in 2017 and 2018. This new formalized process along with our vision for the future to help make the difficult journey to these events easier and accessible to more artists and performers. 

2022 MOONBOW PRIDE AWARD: In memory of Mario Cisneros and Moonbow Camp who first brought Pride Parades to Burning Man. He also started the Monday Night Queer Welcomeing party that is carried on still through the Down Low Club. Mario was an early pioneer in the way queer theme camps gave back to the community of Burning Man by bringing the best of our queer culture to the masses. 

  • Moonbow Pride Award Theme: Art/Performance centering on a major period of a person’s life like coming out, transitioning, or major event conveyed through sound or image and preferably an interactive element. 

Applications Open Thursday 6/9 and close 6/23/22 - Do not delay

2022 RIDE THE RAINBOW AWARD: Focusing on Radical Inclusion, Diversity and Equity (RIDE) in our community. This is inspired by the fantastic efforts of many people in our community to be inclusive and inspire future generations in our Community and Culture Building.

  • Ride the Rainbow award is specifically focused on RIDE initiatives expressing inclusivity, diversity and equity programs through art, performance or education.

2018: Singularity

It was an absolute pleasure to partner with Rebekah and her team with Singularity. They brought a version of the piece to All Of Us 2018 and see it on playa that year in it's full form. It was tremendous to see her success and the opulence of her vision. Rebekah was well known by that time for her 2013 piece called the Church Trap. Pieces of that remain today at the Burning Man organization offices in San Francisco.


Singularity was an interactive installation art piece that was not only about moments in time, but was also about recognizing how events change the course of our lives. This piece can be interpreted in different ways but the main focus attempts to explore how traumatic events are carried with us for the rest of our lives. Growing up gay in a strict Christian household was the perfect storm for creating trauma in my life as well as serving as inspiration behind this piece. Having the ability and mental health tools to turn my trauma into an interactive art piece allowed for others to open up about their past experiences and connect with one another.

Thanks to a generous donation by the All Of Us Event in 2018 we were able to bring Singularity to life before she made her way to Burning Man that same year. I’m grateful for the opportunity to share Singularity with the queer burner community and hope to continue bringing art to the world for all of us to enjoy.

- Rebekah Waits

2017: The Journey

We were so blessed to have The Journey as our biggest art piece ever to an All Of Us Event by a queer artist. So much so that it can be seen featured on our promotion video by Jeff Shick on our events page. Then, to see the whole piece at Black Rock City in 2017 was truly magical. Dan, Lee and the rest of the team were just amazing and we are grateful they joined us on our journey. 


The Journey, an interactive wood sculpture inspired by our DNA's double-helix, reflects on our journey through life. Utilizing music, lighting and responsive technology, The Journey inspires people to look inward and create experiences for self and community within it's walkable structure.

- Dan Reeves