2020: The Multiverse

The 2020 Black Rock City event theme explores the quantum kaleidoscope of possibility, the infinite realities of the multiverse, and our own superpositioning as actors and observers in the cosmic Cacophony of resonant strings. It’s an invitation to ponder the real, the surreal and the pataphysical, and a chance to encounter our alternate selves who may have followed, or are following, or will follow different decision-paths to divergent Black Rock City realities. Welcome to the Multiverse!


And ... this was the year Black Rock City was not built, due to the global pandemic.

The theme of "Multiverse", however, turned out to be apt, as burners around the world created eight officially recognized virtual burns online. Some of the larger LGBTQ+ camps still pulled together for the Multiverse.

BAAAHS, everybody's favorite homosexual sheep / art car, held a couple of underground, socially-distanced popup dance parties in the San Francisco area. Meanwhile Celestial Bodies, everyone's favorite "STR8-friendly adult bar in the Burning Man gayborhood," had a presence in no less than six of the virtual multiverses, and continued a series of online salons and DJs through their Accelerant program. (As of November 2020 Accelerant is still going strong, check it out!)

Meanwhile, Burning Man needs your help. The loss of the year's ticket revenue has put the organization in dire financial condition, making it an open question whether the amazing cultural movement can continue to build a city of 70,000 in the desert. This is a difficult economic time for everyone, but if you can, please consider donating to keep Burning Man alive.

BRCvr, one of the online versions of Black Rock City in 2020