Particpation & Volunteering

There is and will be a lot of oppurtunities to participate in Queerburners at all levels. Maybe what is bet for you is to help with an event, or perhaps support a function in the organization like our Social Media as an example. Or, perhaps you want to get right in there and be actively engaged in steering the ship with the Board. You are also welcome to join us at any meeting from our > Calendar <. 

Are there any paid positions? If we need to pay someone to perform in a role the board is willing to bring that to the table. As it stands right now, we have not paid participants because of some very generous and community oriented people who have donated their skills and gifts. 

Complete the form and we will reach out. If there is any quetions we can be reached at If you do not hear from us we might have been unable to reach you, you are always welcome to follow up as well. Toaster is repsonsible for recruitment but anyone on the Board will also be willing to help. 

Reminder: If you are applying for a Board Level Postion ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE ABOVE FORM please go to to get a lot more detail on becoming a Board Member.